serigrafi cam yıkama makinesi
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    Yüksek Hızlı Cam Yıkama Makinesi

    Yüksek Hızlı Cam Yıkama Makinesi

    The glass washing machine structure is aluminum alloy assembled structure,never scrap, with permanent service life, and it is high efficiency machine which can save 70% energy. The machine is for washing glass before tempering, after edging and before screen printing. The machine is screen printing glass washing machine,printing glass washing machine,glass cleaning and drying machine,glass washing machine for Tempered glass,and washing machine for glass. 1. Main drive is gear drive,inverter speed control and display. 2. The glass washing machine has three pairs of brushes, which can be used for washing LOW-E glass, ordinary coated and solar glass. 3. The glass washing machine has two pairs of air knife which has large wind and good drying effect with the air heating system.

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